For architecture, the result is visibly obvious; we prioritise quarterly profit (to capture 'value' and survive in this fiat environment) at the expense of enduring beauty, which takes more time, consideration and effort to create. Consider the shoddy, uninspiring landscapes that developers have thrown up for the last 40+ years, all in the name of the quick sale. And now contrast with some of the Art Deco masterpieces that we still revere decades later. Is it just coincidence that the 1920s represented the last hoorah of the gold standard, and the start of our path towards flimsy money?



Writing To Build
June 1, 2021
If I am no longer writing to heal, then what the hell am I writing about? The answer has literally just popped into my head, travelled down my arms, exited via my fingers, and arrived onto my keyboard. It seems so obvious now. This is being filmed live, unscripted and in full technicolour, folks. I am documenting my own journey to a much better place.
Friday Reflections, Volume VII
April 23, 2021
So any honesty, this week? Yes. When I think about what this damn site is, I clam up and get all confused. Clarity is reached only when I hit pen to paper, or finger to button. I had no intention of mixing up the site themes and domain name last week. But when inspiration strikes, you must act.
2 mins
Buzzin For Bitcoin
March 29, 2021
And let me tell you, there is nothing like having skin in the game. A positive feedback loop would arise. I'd read an article, strengthen my conviction, reassess our migration funds, and always find a little more fiat to ditch. Same with the books. The videos. It was a classic case of Do Your Own Research. Call Your Own Fucking Shots.
Friday Reflections, Volume III
March 26, 2021
We cannot just reopen the shipyards, coal mines and mass car factories. We cannot create more university towns and public sector back offices. That was the playbook of the 20th century. The solutions for the 21st century run much deeper than that. We must ask ourselves the hard questions.
Seeking Energy
March 18, 2021
Until now, I've not had the energy, and thus clarity of thought, to act out my life preferences. Well now my friends, the tide is turning. As I set out in an earlier musing, we are leaving the rolling stone life behind (for a while yet, anyway). I can feel my batteries (and my soul) charging just by being in a pleasant space, with the perfect partner, and our (admittedly crazy) puppy.
Keep Going
March 10, 2021
Its taken a few rides on the emotional rollercoaster to develop this resolve, I can assure you. I've spent nearly five years carving out a life that aligns with my preferences. I'm not even sure if I'll reach that hallowed ground. And guess what, I don't think I'd have it any other way. This is my story, and it will play out as the universe intended it.
Friday Reflections, Volume I.
March 5, 2021
In those moments when you are passed from pillar to post, it is very easy to drop those tasks you really care about. It is very easy to switch off the brain and do what's expected of you. To conform. Yet I accept that this is all part of the journey. One of many ups and downs. One with breakthroughs where you least expect them, and setbacks that cut very deep.