Seeking Energy

March 18, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min

I came across a tweet yesterday that really resonated with me. It mentioned how your personal life should be a source of energy, rather than zapping it. And from experience, I can tell you this is so god damn true. For the past 5-6 years, me and my other half have been on an experiential rollercoaster. We have never really felt settled in a place or area; partly because we'd chop and change cities, jobs, drinking buddies, start businesses etc. But also because we've been running on empty. We've seen and done many things despite lacking energy, through sheer determination and desire to find our preferences in life.

And we've found our preferences, too! My fingers typing on this keyboard is one of them. My hatred of the office another. And where do I start about digital assets? But until now, I've not had the energy, and thus clarity of thought, to act out those preferences. Well now my friends, the tide is turning. As I set out in an earlier musing, we are leaving the rolling stone life behind (for a while yet, anyway). I can feel my batteries (and my soul) charging just by being in a pleasant space, with the perfect partner, and our (admittedly crazy) puppy.

From this foundation you go further. I'm working on my diet. I'm starting strength training. We finally have a room where we can leave the guitars out, display our photos and be fully present. It's funny, y'know? In hindsight the rolling stone era feels like a pre-ordained path. Through enough shit, see what sticks. And double down on what feels right.

Well anyway, before I head off on another tangent, I'll wrap up with this. Seek you energy. It usually hides in your life preferences. But you must have a base to charge it, store it, and build from it.

Signing out, Steven.

Cover photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash.


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