About Me

I'm Steven McCormack.

I'm the creator of Long Curiosity, an evolving home for head scratching, ideas and dot-joining.

Along the way I've lived in a few places. First Glasgow, then the Canaries, then London, and now Melbourne.

I've also tried a few things; formed a band, joined a big business, ran a tiny business and built a few websites. I'm using this experience to invest in a sound, distributed future.

Thinking, in public.

I've never been more excited about anything than Bitcoin's monetary earthquake and our wider digital asset revolution. It offers a source of great personal meaning and purpose. Hopefully it offers some value for you, too.

Long Curiosity is a place where can we splurge our thoughts, insights and experience. We can work out where the chips will land. All for the world to see.

Some of it may be nonsense. Some of it could be rather prescient. All we can do is splurge. And invest our time and capital accordingly.

It's just the sun rising.

Long Curiosity has emerged alongside a framework for a life lived well. Without fear and within love. Writing gives us access to wonderful people. Creativity opens us up to unique opportunity.

So let's spread the word as far and wide as we can. And don't forget to reach out...