Consider previous tech earthquakes - the Wright brothers took mankind into the skies in 1903. By 1969 mankind was on the moon. In just 66 years (well within a typical lifespan), our horizons had expanded from propelling across continents to propelling towards outer space. At the current pace of AI advancement, what will happen to our horizons in the next 66 months? What happens in a world where beautiful music, awe inspiring art, perspective shifting prose and good ol' fashioned life advice can be generated with a few clever prompts and the click of a button?



It's all Greek to Me
August 6, 2021
Another Vervaeke inspired musing, folks. This time over four Greek words I have been introduced to, thanks to his series; Agape, Logos, Gnosis and Anagoge. The best way for me to explore these terms (or concepts even) is to relate them to my own investing and writing efforts. And before we begin, I must admit to borrowing heavily from other sources to help with the explanations (a big hat tip to Mark Mulvey and Andrew Seeney). So please bear with the heavy quoting. On that bombshell, let's roll.
Vervaeke's Meaning Masterclass
July 23, 2021
How do you perceive reality? What patterns are you picking up? Is our worldview a product of emotion or conscious, rational thinking? John Vervaeke's series, Awakening from the Meaning Crisis, seeks to answer those quandaries. It's a big beast - 50 hour long discussions covering philosophy, religion and cognitive science. But John's delivery, bombastic and subtle in equal measure, keeps you coming back for more.
Friday Reflections, Volume VI
April 16, 2021
As ever, when I am navigating an uncharted path, I consult with my gut. I seek a free proposal for life changing decisions. And he's pretty damn good at it. You should try him. In the pursuit of digitise myself I had rediscovered all sorts of innate satisfactions. Writing being one of them, of course.
Celebrating Rhythm
April 6, 2021
So what to do? Bring a little rhythm into your life! For me, it ain't about the big things. I don't mean meeting regularly with friends, playing 5-a-side etc. If anything, that can add to the stress. I hate having other commitments when I have no rhythm.
Zoom Out
March 31, 2021
Float above yourself and look down on a given scenario, role or location. Extract yourself from the micro-stressors that cloud your judgement. Now how do you feel? Are you learning or experiencing in a way that benefits you, two or three years from now? If so, then you'll instantly relax. If not, then you have all the info you need; move on or move out.
Release Your Attention
March 22, 2021
You want the spaces you inhabit to recharge you. Not to provide a low hum of anxiety. By releasing your attention from minor items, you can refocus on those activities that you really enjoy. For me, that is time with my gang, my websites, my writing and my guitars.
Seeking Energy
March 18, 2021
Until now, I've not had the energy, and thus clarity of thought, to act out my life preferences. Well now my friends, the tide is turning. As I set out in an earlier musing, we are leaving the rolling stone life behind (for a while yet, anyway). I can feel my batteries (and my soul) charging just by being in a pleasant space, with the perfect partner, and our (admittedly crazy) puppy.