Consider previous tech earthquakes - the Wright brothers took mankind into the skies in 1903. By 1969 mankind was on the moon. In just 66 years (well within a typical lifespan), our horizons had expanded from propelling across continents to propelling towards outer space. At the current pace of AI advancement, what will happen to our horizons in the next 66 months? What happens in a world where beautiful music, awe inspiring art, perspective shifting prose and good ol' fashioned life advice can be generated with a few clever prompts and the click of a button?



It's all Greek to Me
August 6, 2021
Another Vervaeke inspired musing, folks. This time over four Greek words I have been introduced to, thanks to his series; Agape, Logos, Gnosis and Anagoge. The best way for me to explore these terms (or concepts even) is to relate them to my own investing and writing efforts. And before we begin, I must admit to borrowing heavily from other sources to help with the explanations (a big hat tip to Mark Mulvey and Andrew Seeney). So please bear with the heavy quoting. On that bombshell, let's roll.
All Things Bitcoin; What's in a Name?
August 4, 2021
Bitcoin could do with a gentle reframing. An association with something a little more familiar. Bitcoin, in my humble opinion, is a digital asset. A far less defensive term, don't ya think? In the early days, Bitcoin had to fight for recognition. It really needed to get straight to the point. Cryptocurrency is safe! Cryptocurrency is secure! This marketing strategy has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations. With Bitcoin now firmly established, it can afford to feel more confident.
Friday Reflections, Volume VII
April 23, 2021
So any honesty, this week? Yes. When I think about what this damn site is, I clam up and get all confused. Clarity is reached only when I hit pen to paper, or finger to button. I had no intention of mixing up the site themes and domain name last week. But when inspiration strikes, you must act.
Friday Reflections, Volume IV
April 1, 2021
There are good days and bad days, trust me. My pleasant days result in neat writing, real reflection and logical sentences. On my very worst days I am like Jack in The Shining. A scribbled mess of anger and distress. Repeated (unrepeatable) phrases.
My Love Of Structure
March 16, 2021
So what do I mean by structure? At a high level, it is a commitment to regular, repeatable action. It is a map, ensuring that I am intentional with my time and energy. That's not to say I live a rigid, mechanical life. Quite the opposite! But without some form of structure, I would be an untethered yacht; floating around randomly whilst edging ever closer to the rocks.
A New Journal
March 15, 2021
Take a moment to reflect and commit your thoughts to language. It can be a healing process; once you see the 'logic' of your emotions in words, they frequently look a bit silly. Sure, you don't always walk away from a diary entry with a clean mental slate. But the power of a journal compounds over time. It leaves a trail of recollections that would otherwise be lost in the ether.
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Building Better Language
September 3, 2020
There is no reason why we cannot still refer to landlords and tenants, consultants and clients etc. They will remain the backbone of the industry, after all. The future however, belongs to those who prioritise people-centric language. Those who design and build experiential real estate. Those who refer to family life, continuous learning and regional vibrancy.