Celebrating Rhythm

April 6, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
Its Good To Be Back

So here I am, at the desk, after a few days away. If you ever get the chance, you should visit the Mornington Peninsula, just south of Melbourne. A truly spectacular part of the world. And it feels like a really well kept secret. I'd never heard of these areas when in London, certainly in contrast to more famous US / European locations. Anyway, I digress. You should always take a break. The mere act of being in nature, away from the cities, is liberating. The beautiful texture and colour of nature is therapy for the soul.

Finding Your Beat

I have a horrible aversion to time wasting. Or at least feeling like I am not using it correctly. And when that happens, I experience that familiar hum of anxiety, deep within my chest. I say familiar because I have been far from perfect when it comes to wasted time. Many a day has been spent in a drab office, stuck in traffic, or staring at a TV. On the surface, perhaps not the worst crime in the world? And yet it absolutely is. You are stealing time from yourself, the most precious commodity you have. One that cannot be replenished.

So what to do? Bring a little rhythm into your life! It ties in with my earlier musings on structure; be intentional and present in the moment. And what do I mean by rhythm? For me, it ain't about the big things. I don't mean meet with friends, play 5-a-side etc. If anything, that can add to the stress. I hate having other commitments when I have no rhythm. I need a base level of time satisfaction before I engage with anything else!

Keep It Simple

So what is that base derived from, Steven? Well, it comes from the little things really. Like super little. I'll iron on a Sunday. I'll make dinner on certain days. I'll walk the dog in the morning and the evening. I'll empty the dishwasher on a Wednesday. Honestly, it sounds ridiculous. But sort out your base, my friends, and the rest shall flow. Why? Because once you commit to these actions, at similar times, you know longer think about them. It just becomes automatic. My brain no longer gums up with the internal to-do list. And with that extra space, I can think about the grander ideas; building my network, growing my business, playing 5-a-side!

So celebrate rhythm, no matter how small your beats may be.

Signing out, Steven.


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