Turning Thirty Three

March 24, 2022
Steven McCormack
1 min

I return after a brief hiatus. I try to keep to a monthly writing schedule, but sometimes the world has other plans. And with this ghastly war emerging in Europe, I simply didn't know what to say. Instead I just observed - and tuned into thinkers I respect deeply. For better context and a real taste of things to come (from a financial perspective at least), I direct you to Luke Gromen's recent appearance on the Grant Williams podcast. In short - counterparties matter, alot. And 40 years of monetary doctrine has just been thrown in the trash.

Using The Yardstick

In amongst these era defining events, I turned Thirty Three. And for the first time, I had some prior birthday musings to compare against. Admittedly, my general direction of personal progress has not changed much. I'm still working on internal peace, and to that end I have introduced meditation and therapy into my life. Classic millennial wankery, I suppose. But trust me when I say it works absolute wonders. I feel it in my writing. Theres a self-confidence and self-comfort that just wasn't present in the early days (when I first embarked on some birthday pondering).

What has changed however are the topics I'm covering. I just followed my instincts and started untangling Bitcoin, which lead me on to all sorts of tangents like fixed income investing and Greek philosophy (more millennial wankery, for sure; but damn interesting). And as a little hint of things to come, I'm feeling an urge to dive into Austrian Economics, which I'm sure will take a few months to unpack. I find it all geekishly exciting - which is something my cooler, teenage self would never have admitted to in public.

The Missing Link

There is one thing that evades me, however; proper interaction with others interested in this 'big picture' thinking. It reflects a prior reluctance on my part to share what I write, other than passively publishing on this site. That reluctance is beginning to fade (thankfully), as I reach firmer conclusions about who I am (an investing, thinky type) and what I have to offer (legible English, quirky subjects and half decent interweb skills). It explains why I have a 'contributors' page. This ain't meant to be a one man mission!

So perhaps that is the challenge for the year of Thirty Three. To finally connect. Move onto the next rung of learning. And navigate these tumultuous days in the best way I can.


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