Turning Thirty Two

March 8, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min

It was my birthday the other day. Thirty Two so I am. Getting well into my fourth decade on this earth. And how does it feel? Not too shabby, to be fair. I could tally up what I've done against what I've not done so far. Instead, however, I say this; I have no regrets. I will not be the 80 year old who ponders decisions not taken. Sure, I'd love to be financially independent and a complete master of my time (it will come!). Sure, I'd love to claim I've smashed Naval's mantra of a calm mind, healthy body and a house full of love (there is much love and decent health, now we need the calm!). I'm just happy that I've identified these preferences, and will never stop working towards them. That's the whole of the digital business and personal reflection, after all.

I don't know how useful this is, but I took a moment to step back into my Twenty Two year old self. I thought about this version of Steven, his fears, his ambitions, his ego and his daily habits. This is a very different Steven. Driven by emotions not yet identified, and yearning for simple metrics of success; the money, the house, the flashy suit, the trappings of power. I do not criticise however. This version was just an earlier leg of this incredible journey. The last ten years have resembled a discovery phase; where I test long held assumptions to destruction, and fill the void with what really matters.

And at this point in my life, do I have any pearls of wisdom? I think I do. Seek new experiences. Trust your instincts. Take risks while you can. Fall in love. Look after yourself, both physically and mentally. Seize your opportunities. And most important of all, Never Stop Learning. That is the true nectar of life. I wonder if my Forty Two year old self would agree?

Signing out, Steven.


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