Truth, The Only Asset

May 14, 2023
Steven McCormack

Hey folks. I've been playing around with all the shiny new AI tools that have seemingly sprung out of nowhere, and the capability we now have at our finger tips is truly jaw dropping. I remember doing a little work myself with this back in 2018; I had hired a chap to build an image classification algorithm, with the aim of recognising building materials and property defects from user uploaded photos. It was rudimentary, admittedly - but it offered a tantalising hint at what was coming down the track. Fast forward to 2023 and I'm having full on conversations with Chat GPT and nearly struggling to distinguish real photos from AI generations. This is 'gradually, then suddenly' in real time - and it makes me giddy with excitement.

Not quite Chat GPT - but it certainly opened my eyes.

So what does this mean for.......fucking everything? Consider previous tech earthquakes - the Wright brothers took mankind into the skies in 1903. By 1969 mankind was on the moon. In just 66 years (well within a typical lifespan), our horizons had expanded from propelling across continents to propelling towards outer space. At the current pace of AI advancement, what will happen to our horizons in the next 66 months? What happens in a world where beautiful music, awe inspiring art, perspective shifting prose and good ol' fashioned life advice can be generated with a few clever prompts and the click of a button?

This will take some time to unpack, and bear with me whilst my musings are all loose and gooey, but I believe the end result is a newfound understanding of reality. And of consciousness itself. In the age of the algorithm, where virtual and physical experiences vie for supremacy, our answer to 'What is true?' may shift significantly. Our ideas of what it means to be human are primed for reevaluation, and I am totally down for that.

So as per the Long Curiosity mandate, let's dive in and figure some shit out.


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