Don't Be Alarmed

April 19, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
There Is No End Game

One thing I've learned from building online as a no-coder is that nothing is ever really done. Especially in the beginning. On multiple occasions I've sat back, looked at a website format or content timetable and thought 'ahhhh, this is it'. Two days later I'm tearing down the walls and starting from scratch. You may find yourself in a similar conundrum as you embark on your digital journey. Don't be alarmed however. This extreme phase shall pass.

I consider each demolition of prior creation as a sign that my skills are turbo charging. An internal proof of work, you may say. My perspective shifts. I revaluate what is possible. And I up my game. The process has its strains and stresses, but show me something worthwhile that is eazy breezy. It does not exist. So embrace the demolition, and see it for what it really is; progression to a better place.

The S-Curve Rollercoaster

After you've picked yourself off the floor a few times, you'll find steadier ground. The demolition jobs become less severe as you settle on the right digital tools (site builders, ecommerce platforms, social networks etc.). You feel your digital home rising from the ashes. Your mind settles as you worry less about the fundamentals (does this site even work?) and move on to the subtleties (do I want a clean or busy aesthetic?). Prior mistakes, aimless exploration and exasperation become a source of energy once you've conquered them. You broke through the clueless phase.

From One Summit to Another

I'd love to tell you Nirvana awaits.....but that's not quite the case. Instead you become rather anxious about your new found superpowers. I can publish! I can build! I can sell! I can Do Anything. But what the hell do I actually do? You'll find yourself getting drawn into prior labels. You will wonder (again) whether any of this was worth it. Well, my friends, it certainly is. Just Keep Going.

I wasted so much time forcing a square peg into a round hole. My existing construction knowledge and my new digital toolkit were struggling to coexist. Yet the distinction between online / offline melted away once I realised I could write and advise about both. I could now overlay my new superpowers with a pretty simple niche; learn how to build.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Juan Sisinni on Unsplash.


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