Friday Reflections, Volume XV

July 1, 2021
Steven McCormack
2 mins
Boring Old Habits

So we're into July folks. And I no longer see regular posting as an achievement. That represents real, glorious progress. Writing is now baked into my personal pie; it is something that I just do. Little effort is expended in getting started, which means I can focus more on content structure and grammar. I've also completely worked through a mental backlog years in the making. There is now less musing about personal motivation - and more articulating on the world around me. The real fun is only just starting.

And what of the website itself? I have a little tinkering to report (of course). A twitter share button now sits proudly at the top of my post template (for the mobile version, at least). I even had to employ the worlds most basic coding skills to make the magic happen. It is a small, but significant step towards better distribution. I don't expect my content to suddenly pop up all over the Twittersphere; but a powerful tool is now ready for action.

One thing that is bugging me is the cookie banner. I need to find a less clunky solution. Aesthetically it is fine, but I fear it is dragging my site performance unnecessarily. Perhaps that is paranoia (and obsessively overtesting!) on my part. Could I just ignore this requirement? Is there a sneaky way around it (like not asking for any data?). Certainly worth exploring further. Another classic example of government overreach and regulatory friction. It ain't cheap either!

What's My Angle?

The content itself is evolving, too. I've been writing mucho about Bitcoin and Ethereum recently. Not technical deep dives as such. Rather an attempt to weave these networks into the wider world of asset allocation. My mind is just drawn to the subject; I cant help but muse about it. These latest posts reflect a desire to learn more about cryptocurrency (a clunky term that does no service to these assets). And it gives me a chance to answer a burning question; what am I? Only Bitcoin? Or open to the other monetary protocols/networks/projects in the space? For the time time being I keep a healthy, open and curious mind. That's reflected in my portfolio choices. But the feels swing both ways.

Some days I'm settled in my melting pot position; let coins of all shapes and sizes jostle for dominance (or peaceful coexistence). Just sit back and enjoy the Darwinian Royal Rumble. On others I feel a little more receptive to the maxi worldview - BTC or die. As ever, I'll oscillate for a million or so years before my instinct kicks in and takes me in a certain direction. That will require more listening, reading and writing on my part. More exploration of Bitcoin in particular. I have a fair understanding of why this is such a special innovation - akin to double entry accounting and the limited company. But I should put finger to keyboard and explain myself. For your reading pleasure.

The same goes for Ethereum. As things stand I'm really quite excited about the Metaverse it enables. Smart contracts sound damn useful. Tokenised real estate could be an incredible opportunity. But in the main I have much less of a grasp on the ETH killer app. So I should really address that with some good old fashioned musing. Even summarise what smarter folks have said about it (i.e. that is exactly what I'll do). And in the process I'll bring to a close the latest epic battle going on in my head.


Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash.


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