Friday Reflections, Volume XI

May 21, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
Seeking Truth

So the end of another week, folks. I don't really have much to show in terms of progress. I skipped a post, in fact. I suppose my main win is that I keep coming back to reflect, even when there ain't much going on. I'm committing myself to the long game.

Each post that I write helps to develop my mindset, even if they are a bit of a rabble sometimes. But I am thinking better. I am building better. And it is there for everyone to see. Some weeks I will go off in a very personal tangent. Others I will cast my gaze externally, musing about the world around me. Perhaps I should be more consistent? Perhaps I should stay on my (designated) lane?

As thing stands I'm following the flow. I tap around randomly on the keyboard and see where the wind takes me. I believe this oscillation phase will continue for a little while yet. It is like I am letting my soul find its voice. And that makes me excited. You see, it is difficult to articulate that worldview to those around me. Many folks will take the view that you must establish your position, and then craft your content from there.

Shoot First, Ask Later

I take the opposite view. You do first. And then you observe the outcome. Just take a second glance at many of these posts. They are back to front! I drift around, hit upon some insight, and then follow through to completion. And once I hit publish there is no going back. The dopamine hit of creation keeps me coming back for more.

Will this style continue into the future? I have no idea. I can probably get away with this while I have precisely 1 site visitor a month. I certainly expect my writing to become more structured over time. And what of the subject matter? I know for a fact that I will not just comment on the act of writing and thinking itself forever.

The (Not So Big) Reveal

So what will it be, boyo? To reiterate, I'm oscillating at the moment. But I suspect I'll dial down on the personal side. This site feels like it will progress from a 'Steven exploring Steven's brain for Steven's benefit' website and become something of actual value to others. I've always loved thinking about the world. Especially when it comes to financial and economic matters.

But the thing is; I can't count. I hate numbers. So I have to look at it through the lens of emotion and behaviour. Less of the efficient market hypothesis bullshit and more about the internal fears and hopes that drive decisions. Scale this up across entire communities / towns / cities and voilá......we might just have something interesting to talk about.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Stoica Ionela on Unsplash.


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