Friday Reflections, Volume X

May 14, 2021
Steven McCormack
2 mins
Over And Over Again...

I'm trying to think of a way to start this celebratory addition of Friday Reflections. The tenth edition of my weekly progress report. And to be honest, I'm just delighted that I have got to this point. For ten weeks now I have committed myself to regular writing. For ten weeks I have sat down in front of this laptop, and continuously typed whatever came to mind.

That's Big News (for moi at least). I have unlocked an intrinsic motivation; to splurge nonsense on the interwebs. That is my truth. For many years I've struggled with consistency of output. I just get bored after a little while, y'know? Once a process/format/system/website/structure is built and settled upon, I lose interest in the operational side of things.

Perhaps that is why I've been drawn to project life for so long. It offers an element of variety. For property it works like this; create the specifications/tenders/contracts and then let the builders do their thing. Sure, you still have an input whilst your plans are being brought to life. But that intense creation phase is fleeting. It is a mechanical affair for most of the time; call people, chase invoices, meet weekly etc. Rinse and repeat. And yawn.

Mental Mini-Projects

Writing feels different. Each post is a design in itself. A little act of creation to complement your day. To start with, writing is fucking hard. Neglected skills can take some time to warm up. What do I write about? Who am I? What's my take? Where's my audience? What will people think? The answer, my friends, is hiding in plain sight. Write for you. Release those feels.

Everyone will reach that point at their own pace. I've been figuring out my place since 2017. Several layers of inherited worldview were removed before I reconnected with my real motivations. Not to mention the coping strategies and self-doubt that I had to navigate along the way. But once you dismantle your character, once you rebuild, you are free. You know what to do.

Bringing It Together

It chimes in with everything I've been articulating over the last ten weeks. Take action. Set a rhythm. Create momentum with whatever you can find. Build and rebuild. For motivation is truth. Motivation is life. It hides behind your 'passions', whatever you believe them to be. Motivation demands effort. Energy. Pain even. But the reward is immense. Happy Friday, folks. Here's to many more.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Milivoj Kuhar on Unsplash


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