The Focus Question

July 6, 2021
Steven McCormack
2 mins
Where Do I Sign?

So a sneaky progress update, folks. I've been wrestling with a dilemma; where to focus? And to be brutally honest, I've been asking this question my whole life - without much success. Now, after a few months of regular writing, we have a degree of clarity. I love surveying the world around me. I'll happily explore what's going on internally. I'm rarely without a book. And here I am converting thoughts into words for public consumption. I'm an investor at heart, and now I god damn know it. My soul is most at peace when exploring a theme, joining the dots and placing my bets. Put it all together, and there's the exciting prospect of a life without mediocre managers or pushy clients.

That is only a partial answer to the dilemma, however. It is all good and well to identify the activities I enjoy, but where is my edge? What can I offer of real value to the investing community? Regular readers (i.e. me) may have noticed a trend. Since I first started articulating (waaaay back in 2020), I've cast a wide net. Real estate. Mental models. Market forces. Music. You name it. Yet there has always been an underlying theme - the effect that the digital revolution is having on our lives. It was only a matter of time before I fell down the biggest rabbit hole of them all, the digital transformation of money itself. The Big Daddy.

Seeking Truth

That explains my more recent interest in Bitcoin, the ultimate joiner of dots. Perhaps the greatest theme of all? It's certainly the most exciting area to place my bets. Bitcoin is gradually consuming all those prior topics I mentioned. Personal pain won't be eradicated by internet funny money (especially not in this volatile adoption phase). But it can certainly help reinvigorate economic and personal freedoms. And from hard experience, I can assure you that I feel much better with some purpose and security. I owe alot to my digital assets.

So what of my oscillations between a Bitcoin-only nirvana and a crypto melting pot? It reflects a deep desire to keep an open mind. To search for truth. The very moment you shut the door to seemingly dangerous or uncomfortable ideas, you are done. If you are 'triggered' by the mere existence of Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, CBDCs etc. then you are living in fear. Your subconscious is sending a signal - widen your perspective! Truth cares not for your commitment to the cause, portfolio blend or public persona. Truth does not require your gatekeeping or protection. It can take time, but in the end truth always reveals itself. Just ask the USSR - free people and free markets never die, no matter how hard you try.

Open To Optionality

Which takes me back nicely to the focus question. Even with my explorations across cryptoland, I can't help but feel energised about Bitcoin. Part of that is due to my better understanding of its offering; scarcity through code. A monetary revolution which plays to our natural desire for limited resource, and expressed through mathematical proof. Bitcoin offers a subtle blend of art, technology and energy. And although I am very enamoured with Ethereum's potential use cases, I just can't find the same level of awe - it feels too raw and complex. I have no problem with visualising a happy world of ETH based metaverses and virtual real estate; I just don't know how we reach that point with certainty. With Bitcoin, the tools for mass adoption are available right here, right now.

On that basis then, I know where I'll be directing my mental faculties. And that feels fucking exciting. But I'll also be exposing myself to optionality too. I cant guarantee how all this pans out, and neither can you. So we shouldn't pretend otherwise or inflate our ego's. I express that by holding (very) nominal amounts of the other projects in this space. In the event they become flavour of the month (a la Dodgecoin) - then I recycle that good fortune straight back into the asset I have most faith in; Bitcoin.

Let's wrap this up then. We have a decision. We have clarity. And boy am I going to act on it. I'll be following up by diving into the following topics (which no doubt will chop and change over time).

  • Bitcoin & Personal Motivation
  • Bitcoin & Renewable Energy
  • Bitcoin & Small Business
  • Bitcoin & Real Estate
  • Bitcoin & Volatility
  • Bitcoin & Security
  • Bitcoin & Mining

Stay tuned, Steven.

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash.


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