Friday Reflections, Volume V

April 9, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
A Jumble Of Progress

Writing is funny, isn't it. You start with absolutely nothing to say. You sit, twitch your fingers and curse the world around you. Then suddenly a spark of inspiration appears, and you just start. That's what works for me, anyway. You start typing / writing / scribbling and a sentence appears. Soon you have given birth to a whole new paragraph! Only then can the juices truly flow.

Anyway, this week has seen a couple of changes. I've tweaked my posting schedule. I've updated my posting topics too; Monday Mindset, Wednesday Macro and Friday Musings. So three times a week I will be bringing a small number of words to the masses (i.e. just moi). Its quite exciting, actually. I'm also making a concerted effort to engage on twitter. I have a funny relationship with this digital market square. Previously I've been unsure about what my 'message' or 'theme' is. Turns out it's just whatever tickles my curiosity. I like that.

Rinse and Repeat

So my tweet approach will be twofold. I'll post a thread each week I think, probably covering my mindset or macro pieces. Even two threads if you are lucky. And in between I'll be lurking in the background, ready to tweet replies in an instance. Throw myself into other folks doom scrolling like a completely unwanted guest. But it should be fun. Thought provoking even. I'll try piss off and engage in equal measure.

Ultimately, I'm looking for a content flywheel here. Post, thread, reply, be inspired. Rinse and Repeat.

And what of these fancy new topics? Well, Monday Mindset kick starts the week with some psychological insights, expressed via my life experience. Wednesday Macro sharpens my understanding; I explore the world by writing about it. Friday Musings will be some wacky roundup of the week. I'll just let you know how I'm progressing, or what inspires me. Could be anything - bangin' tunes, lovely pictures etc. I might even talk about The News.

So that's it. It's a pretty elaborate way to learn about myself and the world around me. But perhaps you may find some use for it.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash.


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