All Things Bitcoin; An Introduction

July 17, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min

In The Focus Question I announced a glorious plan to explore All Things Bitcoin. Immediately I hit a huge snag; where exactly do I start? Turns out All Things Bitcoin is a fucking massive task. After two weeks of aimless pondering, I have only just started mashing the keyboard with any real conviction. So what got the ball rolling, folks? A vague notion of crossing a finish line. Whilst I can't tell you exactly what I'll be spouting by that point, I'll certainly leave behind a trail of knowledge breadcrumbs. And there may not even be a finish line! Just progression and learning, which is absolutely fine by me. All I can do is follow my instincts, act and share the outcome.

For Your Reading Pleasure

So how to approach this, practically speaking? First, let's give our journey a name; All Things Bitcoin sounds about right. And where will we go? I'm sure this will chop and change, but the broad direction is clear. Start with the fundamentals. Explain how this darn BTC thing works. Then gradually weave this monetary phenomenon into wider questions about business, politics, life etc. etc. (I told you this was fucking massive). I have already visited some of these themes, but now I return with a fresh perspective. And what of the format? The answer is all around you. I have built a digital home that suits my thinking; clean and concise. Easy to find. Hopefully that converts my forthcoming musings into valued explanations.

Zooming Out

A little more on motivation. Where is this commitment to the cause coming from? It certainly isn't a rationalised decision of the conscious mind. There has been no roadmap until this point. I have simply accepted the gravitation pull of Bitcoin into my life. No doubt that sounds pretty airy fairy, but so be it. When I consider all my prior achievements, I can see a machine emerge from seemingly unconnected parts. My long background working with physical assets. My keen interest in the digital world. My love of self learning. When I combine that with the flow state I reach through writing, the dots are impeccably joined. Add a little splash of Scottish grit, and voilà! All Things Bitcoin.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash.


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