Ten Years. Not Ten Months.

May 21, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
The Same Old Story

Bit of a slow start today, folks. Over the weekend I created a seemingly ideal setup; a cozy thinking room where letters, words and sentences would flow effortlessly. I've got a bookshelf. A fireplace. Soft lighting. Even a sleeping dog. And yet it's taken an age to get started (I have a stubborn, grumpy brain). But those cogs are moving now, thankfully. Let's get typing!

I am mulling over a couple of recent observations. There is much fear in the air in crypto land. Everyone seems bloody spooked by the price gyrations. The bull run is over! We are heading to zero! Oh the humanity! It all seems rather overblown really. I repeat this point a lot, but it never loses its potency; just zoom out. Think about where crypto land was exactly one year ago. Think about where it could be in another year.

Sit Back And Relax

That certainly keeps my skittish brain intact. And that's just from a pricing point of view. I get that folks are trying to make a quick buck. Nothing wrong with that. But when you repeatedly hear projections ranging from $100k to $1million, its hard to remain patient. You become sensitive to any divergence from your lofty expectations. But remain patient you must. Shift your perspective from trader to investor; it really takes the edge off things.

Y'see, I entered this space with a pretty decent time horizon. I think in 10 years, rather than 10 months. It's a much more pleasant way to live. It also forces me to care less about price (fortunately). My conviction in crypto land is based on more subtle, gradual benefits. Sure, a rising price helps, a lot. But I actually get more excited on how digital assets, Bitcoin in particular, can shape motivation. That gooey, shapeless force which exists in all of us.

Keep On Trucking

So when I enter the twitter bear pit and see howls of anguish on one side, and cries of joy on the other, I head straight for the middle. I remain composed and think about the low time preference world that I believe is emerging. Nothing is certain, of course. But quiet conviction lets me navigate the shifting sands of sentiment. Don't get too wrapped up in euphoria etc. Don't drown in despondency.

And what of this conviction you speak of? Well folks, we'll cover that in a separate musing.

Singing out, Steven.

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash.


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