Just Do It

April 29, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
I'm Over Overthinking

So what are we writing about today then, Steven? As you can see by the title, I was trying to address something that plagues me mucho; getting started. And by exploring this theme, I fell right into the dreaded overthinking trap! I started analysing my threadbare post structure. I started jumping from idea to idea (all in my head, of course). I was pacing up and down the room as my brain was melting down. So I stopped. I chilled out (a little bit). And I just started typing.

The lesson is simple my friends. Just Do It. This can be as simple as moving your finger towards the keyboard. It creates a cosmic momentum; a commitment to action that converts brainwaves into letters, words and sentences. I'm not saying you will come up with pure genius at the the first go. Far from it. But enjoy the mental clearing process that takes place. The overthinking soon reveals itself to be little more than neurological white noise. You'll soon tune into your vibe.

Love Your Mistakes

I'm using this post as my immediate example. But the lesson applies far, far beyond writing. I've wasted months, perhaps even years just thinking about what could be. Instead of working towards the life that aligned with my soul, I was just envisioning it. Nice, but totally fucking useless. Now I don't really mess about. I get going and see what happens. I make humongous mistakes along the way, and I thank them for their service.

Let me share some personal experience. I started freelancing (as a building project manager) in 2018. I had thought about this for many months, being all analytical and overthinky about my prospects, my website, my market, my brand blah blah blah. But none of that was actually figured out until I served my notice with my employer. I was now committed. Cosmic flow activated.

That's not to say I was totally unhinged. I had set aside some decent funds to cover the risk of no clients or revenue. I'll cover risks in a future post. But the point remains a potent one. Doing is a forcing function. To paraphrase Gordon Gekko; doing clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. I twisted and turned my way to replace my salary (and then some) within a year. Action is good.

And what of those mistakes you so love? They are the real teachers of life; you progress by learning how not to do something. Take action to create as many as you can. It'll take you in an unexpected direction.

Doing Brings Surprises

I wrapped up my project freelancing in 2020, and completed a mid-Corona relocation from London to Melbourne (again, that's a whole post in itself). So where had my action taken me? Let's cover the seemingly obvious first; I had more confidence. I had more cash. I knew I could survive in business. But the secondary outcomes have since taken on more significance. I fell in love with the digital world. A love that brings great optimism. I reengaged with my creativity. Hence this website. And I started exploring my mental condition. Which explains these rambling posts.

I'm sure I've made these points elsewhere, but they bear repeating until the end of days. So stop thinking (so much). Do stuff. Enjoy those twists and turns. And marvel at an outcome you did not anticipate.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash


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