Friday Reflections, Volume XIV

June 18, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
A Little Housekeeping

More of a dry, technical update. I've been cleaning up the site layout. I've removed the email signup option (found at the bottom of each post) and generally simplified the aesthetic. My thinking goes like this; I want this site to be a destination in itself. This is where you willingly come to discover my latest musings. Not via pushed email or secondary sources (i.e. no more flirtation with Medium or Substack). I want to craft the entire experience, from first click to last word. Sure, it goes against all current advice on digital distribution and marketing. But it is the direction that my gut instinct is leading me. So away we go!

A Personal Platform

Let's explore a little more, folks. The written output and chosen topics are obviously important. But what I really want to demonstrate is the McCormack brand of thinking (and learning). The 'how' just as much as the 'what'. Perhaps more so. Plus, it permits a wider remit. I can express my mental machinations in one post, and explore digital property rights in another. That suits my erratic interests and curiosities. What remains consistent however is the aesthetic and the approach. Enthusiastic enquiry in a crisp written format. Never too long. Rarely too short. And presented in a clean and tidy context.

Memento Mori, Amigos

To what end, however? Why do I keep coming back to mash the keyboard and to tinker (obsessively) with sub heading spacing? At the most basic level, I enjoy bringing this site to life. It feels like a rather pleasant way to spend my time. I think clearer. I write sharper. I have something to show for my efforts. It also offers a tantalising prospect of an independent existence. Free of middle managers and high priority emails (oh how I hate that little red flag). But there is a deeper reasoning that will take longer to decipher. My creativity stirs a giddy excitement; an addictive taste of freedom. It offers a life in technicolour that would be fucking foolish to ignore.

Perhaps not so dry and technical after all.

Singing out, Steven.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash.


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