Friday Reflections, Volume XIII

June 4, 2021
Steven McCormack
2 mins
Constant Evolution

I'm wondering how Friday Reflections can stay relevant as my content develops. Perhaps a name change is in order? Or just a commitment to the general theme of progress? To be perfectly honest, I have no reason to be asking these questions. I already know the answer. Friday Reflections will cease to be published after Volume XX. How so?

It represents one of my early commitments to this site; to publish consistently and establish a powerful habit. The quality of writing and topics covered were left to the magic of cosmic flow. I literally pitched up at my desk, several times a week, and typed out whatever I was thinking. No pre-conceived notions. No themes. No nothing. Just typing.

Spring Cleaning

It's been an incredible ride. In that time I have learned more about myself than I dared to expect. I reached into the depth of my soul to discover true motivation. That process now feels complete. The gut instinct is tingling. The result is a calmer, more satisfied mind. Showered, refreshed and ready to hit the town. And what of the output, what does it reveal?

I believe I have more to offer than initially appreciated. That is not to sound grandiose, or to inflate my self-worth (I promise!). I spent many years working in an emotionally restrained environment. Property refurbishment in the west coast of Scotland is hardly touchy-feely. So I surprised myself when I went public on matters like anxiety, empathy, perspective etc. Commitment and action articulated thoughts once heavily concealed.

The Show Must Go On

That is not the end of the story, however. As my writing improves I feel more confident to take on subjects that have always truly interested me. Markets. Finance. Politics. People. I won't pretend to be a technical analyst or policy geek. I'll leave that to the real experts. Instead, I'll be interweaving the big themes. By knowing how the cogs turn we can master the machine.

And what of the consistency? Well for the time being, you'll have seven more editions of Friday Reflections to look forward to. I'll be writing regularly to close out this period of internal discovery. I reckon the big task ahead is to review my output to date. To tweak, expand and improve upon what I've said so far. But look out for more topical pieces over the next few weeks.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash.


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