Friday Reflections, Volume IX

May 7, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
Spreading The Word

Let's talk distribution, folks. I checked my Google Analytics data this week. And the numbers were just incredible. Out of over seven billion folks on the planet, about two saw my publishing powerhouse! Incredible scenes! Now in all serious, I don't particularly care at this point. I'm at the stage where I'm just delighted to have built a home for my writing habits. But it did get me thinking about what comes next. Where will I find reader three and four?


So I've been doing a little platform experimentation. Take Pinterest, for example. I never really thought I had much to offer the site until I built McCormack & Partners. Now I create pretty pins using the beautiful post photos I source from Unsplash (with all credit where its due!). I drop in a little link to my writing and release unto the digital ocean. The best part is that Pinterest introduces me to similar photos with interesting links. The potential benefit of this shameless promotion rubs both ways.


Secondly, I found this neat little tool on Medium. I can very quickly import my posts from this site and present them on an additional platform. I like being able to schedule my back catalogue elsewhere and link back to the mothership. Its another chance to find some eyeballs! And at the very least it performs a backup function. Somewhere to preserve my words should I forget to pay my hosting costs.

Twitter (again)

Finally, I'm approaching Twitter (yet again). Yes, it drives me nuts. Yes, it turbocharges all sorts of reactions. But there's a reason I keep going back to that madhouse. I've just never seen such a concentrated source of learning and connection. I don't think I'll ever be a thread guru or anything, but I'd be silly not to engage with it. So I've resurrected a separate McCormack & Partners handle. I'll spend one day a month scheduling any nuggets of wisdom I've uncovered whilst writing.

So there's my grand distribution strategy. Or hopeless stab in the dark. Either way, I think it is an important endeavour. Writing brings me great joy. It is a beautiful biproduct of curiosity. And with that very same curiosity comes the desire to connect. To build a network with the wider world. To learn how others navigate this life. By putting myself out there, I hope to cross paths with as many varied and interesting folk as possible. So reader three and four, when you do find these words, come on round and say hello.

Signing out, Steven.

Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash


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