Compare and Contrast

May 13, 2021
Steven McCormack
1 min
Worlds Apart

So here's another observation from my current life setup. I've transitioned McCormack & Partners from a consultancy offering to a creator's platform. Originally this is where I'd offer services for property advice. Nothing too controversial. But gradually, as I've continued on my digital journey, it's become something incredibly exciting (for me at least). Instead of hashing out the same words over and over again, I publish my ideas just once. And once online, they are free for anyone to digest, forevermore.

It's pretty powerful when you think about. Mass distribution with little (to almost zero costs). Instead of a handful of clients, you have the opportunity to connect with nearly everyone on the planet. These words can be plucked out of the air with a smart phone in New York or New Delhi. I really cannot think of a more productive way to spend my time.

For proof of work, here are some screenshots from early last year. It's taken many mistakes, iterations and hair pulling to get to where I am now. But it is oh so worth it;

January 2020; Embracing Change in Real Estate.

January 2020; Discover, Define, Deliver.

There is a long way to go, of course. A glorified blogging website ain't gonna put much food on the table. Certainly compared to the comforting certainties of consulting. But for the time being it does something much more valuable; it shines an ever more critical light on how we've all been working until this point. I think about all the stress, boredom and frustration I see around me. Folks burdened by deadlines, debt and self-doubt. I see how we've managed to suck joy and enthusiasm from large parts of our day. And that just ain't sustainable.

This platform is completely different. It is liberating. It is playful, much like the aimless building and rebuilding I'd do in a sandpit. It is stripped of all the prior conditioning that once held me back creatively. And looking back, I think that is what was bursting through during my early website(s) / admin structures. I just couldn't see it. Look behind the text (literally) and the consulting assumptions; that is where the real interest was emerging.

Food For Thought

So where am I going with this? I'm comparing/contrasting on so many levels right now it's hard to stay coherent. You are getting a tad overthinky, Steven! Perhaps look at those screenshots again and then return to the current site. See how it has evolved into something completely different from where it started. I had no idea I would head in this direction. And yet here we are, typing with glee.

Now let's just embrace this tangent I'm heading off on. The economy is doing the same, my friends. It is absorbing technology at an ever increasing rate. Exponential; the buzzword of the day. Now I'm sure there will be a crash, a licking of wounds, a despondency and then a return to animal spirits. For that is the human condition. But the end result will be very different, in ways we can't quite envision (yet).

Signing out, Steven.

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